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Happy News 2/16/20

Hey guys! “Happy News” is a series I’m starting on my blog. Every Sunday night I’ll be sharing some news articles from that week that I feel were happy and reveal miracles, big or small, and give short summaries of them. I’ll also include the links so you can read them yourselves if you’d like!

  • #1 Beating cancer and having a miracle baby

Whitney Everard found out she had a rare cancerous tumor at the age of 26 and was told she had to have a hysterectomy. Whitney told the doctor, “Thank you very much for your opinion, but no, I am not going to have a hysterectomy.”

A few months after removing the tumor, it was confirmed Whitney was cancer free, and a few months after that, Whitney discovered she was pregnant. Because the kind of cancer she had was hormonally sensitive, elevated estrogen during pregnancy could grow unseen cancerous cells. However, nothing happened and the baby was born healthy and there was no sign of cancer!

  • #2 Medical miracle after being hit by a car

Terje Lungard Arnsten and Bjorghill Andreassen were on vacation in Fort Lauderdale when they both fell into the road and were completely run over by an oncoming car.

Both of them suffered injuries, however, the doctors said it was a medical miracle how minuet the injuries were compared to what they would’ve anticipated.

  • #3  Meat market back up-and-running 2 days after car crash

This story is from two weeks ago, but is local and I thought was definitely worth including because it had not only one, but two cool miracles in it. What happened here is that a car crashed into a locally-loved business. The first miracle is that no one involved was seriously injured.

The second miracle is that the store was back up-and-running within two days of the crash, surrounding businesses and locals all jumped to help fix the building and ensure it was back in business as soon as possible.

I hope you enjoyed reading these as much as I did! 

Until next time,


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