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Happy News 2/23/20

Hey guys, so last Friday-Wednesday I was on a mission trip with no real way to share a post. So this is happy news for the week of 2/17/20-2/23/20. Enjoy!

  • #1 Couple found alive after 8 days in wilderness

This couple was missing for 8 days after leaving unprepared for a hike on Valentine’s Day. Even the sheriff said that finding them alive was a miracle!

  • #2 Sisters convince Kellogg’s to change

Two sisters created a petition for Kellogg’s to stop purchasing palm oil from suppliers who threaten orangutans through deforestation.

I thought this story was cool because these two young girls were so passionate about something that mattered to them that they were willing to fight for it, and after 2 years it finally happened!

  • #3 Ex-inmates start forestry company

I think this story is a miracle in that it shows how something good can always come from something bad.

Until next time,


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