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Happy News 3/8/20

#1 Miraculous Plane Crash

This is a story about how a woman returned to her house after a walk to find that a plane had crashed in her backyard, and it happened this morning!

2 miracles in this story: the first is that the plane landed in a tree, just a few feet away from the house (no damages), and second is that none of the passengers in the plane were injured!

Thank goodness everyone was okay and no one was hurt; truly a miracle.

Micki Gramm

#2 Surviving and thriving

NASCAR driver Ryan Newman is living a completely normal life after being in a severe car crash just 3 weeks ago at the Daytona 500.

#3 Kidney Chain?

Stories like this warm my heart… people came together from all over the country to donate there kidneys in order to find a match for Shelly Byrd, who needed a kidney due to a life-threatening genetic condition.

Thus, a kidney chain was formed. 10 people donated their kidneys in order to find the right one for Shelly. Read the article here:

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