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The Miracle of Life

A Miraculous Life – My Dad

Here’s the shortened versions of my dad’s near-death experience stories:

  1. When he was about 16, he was electrocuted standing a few feet away from a power line while hunting. He was standing in a water puddle, so if he wouldn’t have been wearing rubber boots, he wouldn’t have survived.
  2. When he was 18, he got his scuba diving certification. On his first dive after taking the class he went spear fishing and unknowingly used a tank with a faulty air gauge. He ran out of air about 90 feet underwater. Luckily, his friend was scuba diving not too far away, and he was able to reach him in time to share his air until they reached the surface.
  3. When he was about 22, my dad starting riding a street bike. One time, while going 70 on the interstate, a car didn’t see him and pulled out in front of him at the last second. He had to swerve the bike, the bike fell over, and my dad flew off and spun in the air a few times. MIRACULOUSLY, he landed on his feet…running!! He was able to slow himself down and stop, walking away with no injuries!
  4. This one was mentioned in the video, but when he used to work as an oil equipment inspector, he was on a rig and found a questionable piece of equipment. If he passed it, he would be able to take the boat that was leaving in 45 minutes to go back home, and if he didn’t pass it he would have to stay on the rig for 2 more days. He ended up passing the equipment and leaving to go home, only to find out the next morning that the rig had exploded. If he wouldn’t have passed the equipment he would’ve still been on it and couldve died or been seriously injured.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post! I so enjoyed creating it and learning more about my dad in the process, he’s so awesome and was so helpful in making this!

Until next time,


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