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Happy News 3/22/20

#1 Miraculous Recovery

An injured rugby player makes a miraculous recovery, walking un-aided after an injury that could have left him with paralysis.

My amazing husband is proof that God is never limited to human wisdom.

Tatiana fatialofa

#2 Baby Blessings

The people who went to this Missouri Walmart for toilet paper yesterday definitely did not expect what they found on the toilet paper aisle…

I picked this one because it made me giggle due to the irony of it all. However, I really like how the store manager said the baby being born was a, “feel good moment,” in the midst of the craziness in the world currently.

#3 Resilient 90-Year-Old

This 90-year-old great-great-grandmother contracted the coronavirus and BEAT IT!

Believing she would die soon, doctors asked her family to come say their goodbyes. Little did they know, she would fully recover shorty after! How miraculous!

Well, I hope these stories can temporarily distract you and put a smile on your face or bring hope to your heart today!

Until next time,


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