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Happy News 4/5/20

I want to preface this Happy News post by saying, happy news is getting harder and harder to find as the weeks go by. I know that happy, miraculous things are still going on in the world, but they aren’t being covered as much.

I also want to add that there have been many tragedies recently due to COVID-19, however, the recoveries from this virus greatly outweigh the deaths. You can find that data here.

#1 Recovery

This story is about a man who recovered from COVID-19. I think that says a lot in itself.

The article also says that they used an experimental coronavirus drug on him, and he began recovering shortly after, so that’s hopeful.

#2 Simple Gesture

Health care workers at Miracles Home Health of Wisconsin are making it a priority to call residents, as they may be having little to no contact with loved ones during this time.

“You can just hear them smile on the phone call”

Katie Parins

At the end of this article, there’s also a link to more positive and uplifting stories, I highly suggest reading some!

#3 Another Recovery

Another COVID-19 recovery, but this one is more local. I really appreciated her attitude about this whole situation! Here’s a quote from her:

“Mentally, you’ve got to fight it, and let the medicine and prayers do the rest.”

Joanna Ratcliff

#4 Community

Screen-grab from video on new site

This one is so beautiful to me. The only link I was able to share is from a Christian news source, however, if you search, “Terrebonne General Medical Center,” on facebook, tons of videos of the event come up! (Sadly WordPress did not allow me to embed that.)

Tons of community members parked all around the hospital to pray for the patients and staff working inside the building. The community coming together in such a way during a time where it’s easy to panic is so awesome! I’m sure this was super encouraging to all of the patients and the staff at TGMC working hard to keep people healthy.

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