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The Miracle of the Positives

So, I’m pretty sure the past few weeks may have been stressful for all of us. If you’ve been following the governments orders, you’ve been stuck in the house all day and possibly bored out of your mind.

For me, quarantine has definitely had it’s fair share of bad moments, whether it be sudden feelings of loneliness due to isolation, or stress due to the change in routine.

However, this time of quarantine has also definitely brought some positives in my life too, and the same has happened for nearly everyone I’ve talked to lately. To me, being able to find some positives during this time is definitely miraculous, so I wanted to talk about some of them.

1. Quarantine has forced me to slow down

I found that while I was at school, 90% of my time was spent doing stuff and the other 10% was spent sleeping. While I think occupying all your time is way better than doing nothing, it’s definitely overwhelming at times.

This time of isolation has really forced me to slow down, I no longer have the option of constantly being on the go. Quite frankly, it’s been incredible. I’ve been able to invest my time into the things I’ve been meaning to do (for longer than I’d like to admit), so the rest of my points are basically those things.

2. I’ve been able to start new hobbies

Being home all day has given me the opportunity to learn some new skills, or get better at things I was already doing. Thanks to my mom, I’ve been learning how to make all of my family’s recipes that have been passed down for generations. I’ve started working out and stretching daily to reach some goals I set for myself. I’ve started reading all of the books that have piled up on my bookshelf that I was going to, “get around to eventually.”

I’ve also been able to take the time to get better at playing piano, and also to perfect my chocolate chip cookie recipe that has been years in the making.

3. I’ve been able to evaluate what really matters to me

All this time spent at home really makes you think about the things you miss that you no longer have access to. Some things before quarantine probably felt like a chore, but not being able to do those things now makes me really appreciate them.

The saying, “absence makes the heart grow fonder,” is really ringing true for me right now. Thanks to technology, we’re able to keep in touch with our loved ones even though we can’t see them in person. This time is also making me extremely grateful that I have a loving (though sometimes dysfunctional) family to spend my time with.

My advice to those who have been struggling during this time is this: go outside, start doing that thing you’ve always wanted to do, and call someone you love. I hope everyone is doing well and that this post encourages you to see the small miracles you’ve experienced despite the challenges and hard times the world is facing.

Until next time,


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