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Happy News 4/5/20

I want to preface this Happy News post by saying, happy news is getting harder and harder to find as the weeks go by. I know that happy, miraculous things are still going on in the world, but they aren't being covered as much. I also want to add that there have been many tragedies... Continue Reading →

Happy News 3/22/20

#1 Miraculous Recovery An injured rugby player makes a miraculous recovery, walking un-aided after an injury that could have left him with paralysis. My amazing husband is proof that God is never limited to human wisdom.Tatiana fatialofa #2 Baby Blessings The people who went to this Missouri Walmart for toilet paper yesterday definitely... Continue Reading →

Happy News 3/1/20

#1 Coronavirus contained In the midst of all of the panic surrounding the coronavirus right now, this story brought me so much comfort and hope. All the people with cases of the coronavirus in Vietnam were cured. ALL OF 16 THEM! How miraculous. #2 $46.5 million in medical debt erased 44,846 household's medical... Continue Reading →

Happy News 2/16/20

Hey guys! "Happy News" is a series I'm starting on my blog. Every Sunday night I'll be sharing some news articles from that week that I feel were happy and reveal miracles, big or small, and give short summaries of them. I'll also include the links so you can read them yourselves if you'd like!... Continue Reading →

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